Great Occasions for Custom Silver Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are great to use for many different occasions in both personal and business life. Although not as popular as some other items, the custom silver lapel pins certainly provide the unique characteristics that you want to make an event special. While any occasion is a great occasion for lapel pin usage, some are better than others. Here we’ll share some of the best times for using these pins.

Birthday Parties

A custom designed lapel pin for the birthday honoree is always fun, but that’s but one way to use these pins. Want to create a police, fireman, or other party theme for your child’s special occasion? Lapel pins are customizable to your specifications and awesome for these events!

custom silver lapel pins

Veterans Day

Honoring our veterans is something important to do. These heroic men and women gave so much for their country. Commemorative pins are appreciated by those who’ve served our country, and a great way to give a special thanks to those people.

Employee Honors

Is there an employee who’s been with the company for 5, 10, or even 20 years? A custom made lapel pin makes it easy to give them the honors they deserve. You can create the exact look that you want and show how much these people mean to you.

Military Honors

Do you want to honor someone that you know serving in our military? A lapel pin is a great way to show this person how much you appreciate them. You can choose pins for Navy, Army, Marines, and design it with the unique characteristics that you want.


Whether it is a little league team or something that you do for fun in your spare time, you can always enjoy sports lapel pins and the fun they bring to the game. The pins are affordable, so it is easy to order them in large quantity for everyone on the team.

Fraternity Pins

If you are a member of a fraternity, the honor is one that you certainly want to flaunt and tell as many people as possible. With the use of a custom made fraternity pin, everyone will know where your heart belongs and showcasing that is so simple.

Special Events

Whether it is a music festival, a book event, or even a kids’ event, lapel pins make it simple to honor and remember that day. You can create pins that commemorate the exact look that you are after and get all eyes on you. What could be better?


A pin to mark the holiday is an awesome way to create the special memories that you want to crate. Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any other holiday that you adore, make sure there is a lapel pin there to make it even greater.

There are so many occasions when lapel pins come in handy, including those that we’ve listed above. But, these occasions are only some of the many where lapel pins are great to have on hand. Be sure to learn firsthand why lapel pins are so beneficial. You will be glad that you did.